We believe unified communications will transform business in the coming decade in the same way e-mail changed the business landscape in the 1990s. Unified communications technologies help organizations reduce the operating costs of travel, telecom, and IT, while enabling them to improve their business outcomes in a more sustainable way.

Unified communications (UC) technologies deliver complete communications—messaging, voice, and video—across the applications and devices that people use every day.  UC integrates the experiences associated with the telephone—phone calls, voice mail, and conferencing—the work you do on a computer—documents, spreadsheets, instant messaging, e-mail, and calendars—has the power to fundamentally change the way people work.

Our UC solutions aims for lower communications costs which will be followed by lower operational costs, then better productivity, and finally a true competitive advantage. By deploying a cost-effective UC solution that’s fast to deploy and easy to use and manage, companies can move along the hierarchy, so that they quickly experience the highest-value return.

Our UC solutions offerings are as follows:

  • Unified Communications Planning, Design, & Deployment.
  • VoIP Pro-active monitoring services
  • Managed & Hosted Unified Communication Solutions