Utilizing iViZ Green Cloud Security’s patent-pending technology, we are proud to offer our clients an on-demand and automated appliance based penetration testing (PT) services as part of managed security services offerings. Our PT offerings are available as:

  • Application Penetration Testing
  • Network & System Penetration Testing

With iViZ Green Cloud Security technology we are able to provide one of a kind PT offering, and these are things that differentiate our PT offering with other:

  • World’s first on-demand penetration testing offering
  • World’s first technology to build “Artificial Intelligence” tool that simulates human hacker intelligence for quicker and comprehensive testing
  • Multi-Stage Attack Analysis detects all possible attack paths unlike non-comprehensive conventional test methods
  • Unique Patent-Pending security technology which addresses the gaps in the current day security testing methodology.
  • World class team and technology: World’s Top 8 Innovative Technology (By Intel and UC Berkeley) and World’s Top 6 Security Startups(London Business School, Homeland Security and Pentagon)

Our PT offerings features are as follows:

Reconnaissance (Information Gathering)
The first phase of our PT offering solution collects all possible information about the target organization, its people and the network components. The information is collected automatically from different internet channels where the disclosed information on security vulnerability has been through by trusted sources.

Vulnerability Analysis
In this phase initial port scanning, OS Fingerprinting, Service Fingerprinting and the vulnerability analysis is conducted.

Threat modeling
The system models the threats keeping in consideration the technology, people and the business processes of the organization. All possible threats are enumerated using our patent-pending algorithms, thereby making a fool proof web vulnerability system.

Intelligent Attack Planning

Using the above mentioned information, the system computes the optimal attack plans just like an intelligent human hacker (and in many cases, better than a human hacker)

Launching the Attack

The system launches the attack in this phase:

  • Multi Stage Attack Paths Simulation
  • Automated Exploitation
  • Threat Modeling

Self Replication
Once a system is compromised, an agent is installed and that system starts behaving like an intelligent human hacker.

Community driven coordinated attacks

Several agents form a community of hackers and it mutually collaborates to break further into the network.

Post Attack Analysis
After the attack is complete a comprehensive analysis is done on the vulnerabilities found and the different attack vectors possible.

The final reporting is done based on the vulnerabilities found and their corresponding remedies. The system also provides with comprehensive proof that it has broken into remotes systems by leaving proof in.