We are dedicated for helping business organization in making better sourcing decisions of Information Technology and making better investment decisions to capitalize on the business benefits of today’s on-demand technology services, including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), cloud computing and managed services.

Strategic IT planning
Our consulting service in strategic IT planning is about building comprehensive IT strategic plan that aligns with organization’s business strategy. Our experienced consultants will help your organization in detail stages, starting from setting strategic planning goals, all the way to communicating, promoting and maintaining this strategic IT plan within your organization.

Maximizing strategic IT investment
Maximizing strategic IT investment is a consulting program that will guide your business organization to enhance productivity and create new efficiencies. This engagement will enable your business organization to have a clear understanding of financial impact of each IT initiatives, defined and agreed priority, as well as create sequence and timing for strategic IT initiatives based on business impact. Furthermore this will provide a future roadmap for evaluating and optimizing your IT investment portfolio.

Six Sigma approach for IT
Making IT services reliable and improving their quality in a cost efficient manner are challenges that each IT organization faces on a regular basis. Leading organizations like Motorola and GE have dealt with this challenge using Six Sigma and Lean methodologies that drive quality while reducing defects and waste. Now we can apply the same Six Sigma techniques to improve infrastructure and application reliability, reduce errors in nightly processing, improve user provisioning processes and drive towards 100% accurate data in your systems. Our six sigma approach for IT will enable your business organization to understand and deploy Six Sigma techniques fast and efficiently as it contains all of the elements you need to launch a successful Six Sigma program in your IT organization today.