Policies reflect an organizations logical progression from working in an ad-hoc manner to one where people are following common and consistent processes. A policy reflects your organization’s desire for every one to perform a specific function in a specific way. Policies help everyone understand how to do things, and they help managers understand the framework in which they can manage.

IT Security Planning
All it takes is one missing element in your IT security plan to leave your business open to network attacks and operational disasters, along with the financial and legal consequences they can produce. To help our clients to avoid such catastrophes, we offer IT security planning as part of our consulting services.  Our IT security planning process will go through critical topics such as risk analysis, data and network security, threat and vulnerability assessment, business impact analysis, and many more.  Our IT security planning also helps your business organizations achieve compliance based on the latest standard of PCI-DSS, ISO27000, HIPAA, and Sarbanes Oxley.

Enterprise Wide IT Policy
With today’s wired employees telecommuting, using the internet, instant-messaging, and installing software, the one thing that we can expect is the unexpected. Chaos is inevitable unless we are able to develop and enforce clear IT policies throughout the company.  Our coverage of IT policies in 44 areas will ensure your business organizations are covered end to end in terms of developing, implementing, and enforcing IT policies within your business organization.  Furthermore, we will provide guidance on how to manage and refine policy portfolio as your company’s business evolves.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan
A thorough disaster recovery plan is essential to minimize the damage that a natural or technological catastrophe inflicts on your business. Our disaster recovery plan consulting services includes everything needed such as business impact analysis, backup strategy, recovery strategy, as well as disaster recovery procedures. Today’s top compliances standards such as ISO27000, Sarbanes Oxley, and HIPAA, are also specifically addressed.  Our disaster recovery and business continuity plan are also customizable to fit your organization’s specific requirements.

Optimizing IT Infrastructure
Avoid business-killing infrastructure problems with the help of our consulting services in optimizing IT Infrastructure. We will begin with analyzing current state of infrastructure so we know where it works well and where to focus improvement efforts. At the end of the day, this will justify infrastructure spending, using comprehensive toolset to link IT infrastructure to your company’s bottom line.