In this tight economy, business managers scrutinize technology spending carefully. IT executives need to put a value on the service they provide, so some IT departments have turned to IT cost analysis tools for internal chargeback, or to make technology costs more visible to the business.

IT Project Cost Optimization
This consulting service is designed to analyze a specific IT project in which our experienced consultants will examine thoroughly the project in four areas of technical detail design, product specification, bill of material, and vendor capabilities in delivering the project. We will identify on areas that we can optimize the project cost, we will also ensure that the project is aligned with your business requirements and implemented according to industry best practices.

IT Operation Cost Reduction Comprehensive Analysis
This consulting services is designed to help you assess on four areas that your organization should examine closely for potential cost reduction activities. These four areas are salary staffing, project and portfolio management, vendor and outsourcing management, and discretionary items. We will provide comprehensive analysis using our data driven tool that will generate analysis to fast-track your cost reduction planning by helping you identify the biggest opportunities for cost reduction that pose the least amount of pain to your business also in which areas we should proceed with caution.

Preserve Environment and reduce cost by implementing Green IT
The impact that IT operations have on the environment has increased to the point that environmental responsibility is now among the top priorities of IT managers and executives. The driving factors are the increased power consumption of today’s advanced computer hardware and the mounting wasteland of discarded PCs and obsolete peripheral hardware. Exacerbating this problem is the move towards consolidated data centers and the inherent cooling requirements that accompany this trend.  A successful green IT program will not only lower IT’s impact on the environment, but should contribute significantly to the bottom line via better energy and hardware management.