Bank CIMB Niaga was incorporated on 26 September 1955 under the name of Bank Niaga. During the initial decades of its operations, the Bank’s focus was on building core values and developing professionalism in banking. As a result, Bank CIMB Niaga soon came to be recognized as a trusted provider of quality products and services. In 1987, Bank Niaga distinguished itself in the local marketplace by becoming the first Indonesian bank to provide customers with access to their accounts through ATM access. In many ways this came to be recognized as Indonesia’s entry into the modern banking era. Bank CIMB Niaga’s leadership in the application of technology was further enhanced in 1991 when it became the first bank to provide on-line banking facilities..

Type of engagement:[bulletlist]

  • Network Infrastructure Assessment
  • Network Infrastructure Consulting
  • Network Infrastructure Optimization

Our engagement with Bank CIMB Niaga is delivered through PT Cisco Systems Indonesia

Contact Person:
Mr. Robby Giri
Network Operation Manager
Bank CIMB Niaga

Mr. George Bratadidjaja
System Engineer
PT Cisco Systems Indonesia

Jl Wahid Hasyim block B4
Bintaro Jaya Sektor VII
Tanggerang 15224